About Wallace Morgan Inc.

We are a full service events and promotions firm located in Manhattan, New York. We give companies the chance to streamline their business, cut cost, whilst increasing results and turnover.

Wallace Morgan Inc’s international team recognized a need in New York for dynamic and personal advertising solutions, and now has a reputation among Fortune 500 clients. As well as the foundation of over 10 years working in marketing and sales; at our core is a solid management group with experience and education in law, accountancy and banking. This has seen early results, client confidence and an influx of business. Already we have outlets and relationships across the United States.

Our Goals

Wallace Morgan Inc. has national coverage capability, and it won’t be long until we reach international markets. 2014 is going to be a game changing year for Wallace Morgan Inc. Client demand is encouraging us to grow and our reputation is growing exponentially. 

Our Services

We achieve quality results with professional events, promotions and brand awareness campaigns. We have equal experience in reaching both consumer and corporate level audiences.

Why Wallace Morgan Inc?

Our growth stems from massive client demand for services that offer accountable results. We deliver just that in a professional and consumer-friendly manner.

Our Methods

Our full service process management schedule provides clients with a managed post acquisition admin process to ensure accurate data gathering.


Our Services

Our dedicated marketers are happy to assist you with know-how and experience so you achieve maximum results for your campaigns. Although focused on the events marketing sector, we have a breadth of experience which can help your brand, whatever your desired outcome.

Events & Promotions

Events and Promotions are a strategic weapon in your sales and marketing armory. They should be used as part of your overall marketing strategy and the objectives for each exhibition should be clearly set out before your stand design is even considered.

Brand Loyalty

We take pride in generating a lasting impression and long terms revenues with our campaigns. As such our approach puts your customer first, and generates repeat custom and brand loyalty.

The Voluntary Sector

We get satisfaction from contributing our experience to philanthropy. Fundraising has traditionally been done at street level in a somewhat casual person-to-person manner. However, we have brought professionalism to the industry: effective suit and tie presentations backed by the latest technologies.


 Specific territory knowledge and experience in the ‘smile and handshake approach’ means that outsourcing your B2B to us is not just the most cost effective option, but the most effective way to achieve greater and more immediate results.



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The WM Advantage

From conception to delivery we separate ourselves from our peers at each point in the process.


Factoring in your product and required outcome, we will tap into our resources and experience to determine the most impacting approach.


Whether its for a short or long term events strategy, careful planning both for the logistics of space and staffing is crucial.


Our trained representatives, through attention to the finer details and customer experience will guarantee the results your campaign is seeking.


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Some Fun Facts

Each campaign we complete makes us hungry for more. As a result we offer an excellent customer satisfaction rate, along with a guaranteed ROI for all our clients!


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Our Team

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

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Our ongoing expansion is opening the doors of opportunity. Contact Us to find out more.

Customer Service & Sales

 We are running a large number of events daily. Our clients require the best and most professional representation, and thus we have a pressing need for talented Account Executives.


Our paid internships are directed towards hard working students looking to gain experience in the sales and management field. Like our Management Training Program, our main goal is to educate an individual on the basic, ground-level sales and marketing aspects of our business. In the event that an internship candidate wishes to continue with Wallace Morgan Inc. long-term, future talk about creating a partnership in the Management Training Program would be discussed.

Management Training Program

 Our Management Training Program offers extensive hands-on sales and marketing training to individuals looking to broaden their skill-set. This program, which is an accelerated course lasting 6 to 12 months, takes an individual from entry-level into a senior position. Candidates learn the basics of how a sales force operates, including the branding of a product, raising community awareness, locating target markets and demographics, and increasing our client’s customer acquisition expectations. Once evolved into a management position, our representatives are trained to administer the campaign on behalf of the client into a new market.


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Don’t just take our word for it, research has shown that outsourcing will allow you:

1. To improve company focus. Outsourcing sets up a framework which an outside expert assumes responsibility for operational details. That leaves management free to focus on more important business issues related to customer service and marketplace demand.

2. To obtain world-class capabilities. Because of their specialization, outsource providers bring an extensive skill set into the corporate environment. Such leading edge technology and expertise helps companies better satisfy customers and increase productivity.

3. To accelerate re-engineering benefits. Organizations realize the benefits of re-engineering more quickly if they contract with an outside organization that is itself already re-engineered to state-of-the-art standards.

4. To share risks. Outsourcing enables management to turn over to its suppliers certain risks, such as demand variability and capital investments. Unlike the buyer, the outsourcing provider can spread those risks over multiple clients.

5. To free up corporate resources. Outsourcing permits an organization to redirect its resources from non-core activities to ones that have the greatest impact on business performance.

6. To make capital available. Contracting out certain functions as operational expenses can reduce the competition for capital, since the outsourcing entity provides the capital investment as part of its overhead.

7. To control operating costs. Access to an outside provider’s lower cost structure is one of the most compelling reasons for outsourcing.

8. To obtain resources not available internally. Outsourcing is an often viable option for companies experiencing rapid growth, expansion into new geography or spin-offs from the parent company.

9. To deal with management or control problems. Control problems are often cited as the reason for outsourcing. Source: The Outsourcing Institute

The variety to our current campaigns is testimony to the fact that we can add value to virtually any business: from beauty to telephone products, charity to security and energy efficiency to media. Virtually every consumer product or service can be purchased through direct marketing. Before any client is taken on with Wallace Morgan Inc. a full pilot program is run to see what kind of results that client can expect.
The simple answer is that we are growing, and this can be attributed to the fact that if you have the expertise, experience and capital resource then this is a great time to gobble up market share. Our appreciation of this is the reason for our aggressive growth strategy. At Wallace Morgan Inc. we understand two things:

1. In outsourced marketing and promotion, your business can only be as large as your clients reputations allow.

2. For the people within your business, a great deal of pride and credibility comes from dealing with industry leaders.

For these two reasons and also in response to testing economic conditions we work mainly with large internationals, e.g in the media and cosmetics industries, dealing with products which have universal and ongoing appeal, with the additional advantage of competitive pricing. We have the positive outlook where many companies are seeking to ‘ride out the storm’. Wallace Morgan Inc.  are very much on the front foot. Our outlook is that the glass is half full, and the facts are that an economic climate like the current means there are more good professionals available looking at different career and training options. Office space is cheaper and more readily available than ever before, and companies are becoming ever more pressed to outsource for the reasons outlined above. Is any business recession proof? Not quite, but your model can always be adapted recession friendly if you have the positive outlook and adaptability.

Promotional strategies to get your product or service to market can be roughly divided into two separate camps.

1. Push strategy:

A push promotional strategy involves taking the product directly to the customer via whatever means to ensure the customer is aware of your brand at the point of purchase. Examples of push tactics:

• Trade show promotions to encourage retailer demand

•Direct selling to customers in showrooms or face-to-face

• Negotiation with retailers to stock your product

• Efficient supply chain allowing retailers an efficient supply

• Packaging design to encourage purchase

• Point of sale displays

2. Pull strategy

A pull strategy involves motivating customers to seek out your brand in an active process. Examples of pull tactics:

• Advertising and mass media promotion

• Word of mouth referrals

• Customer relationship management

• Sales promotions and discounts

The origin of these two terms refers to the supply chain and how the demand for the product is generated.


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