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Sometimes things have to die to be born again

And when it hurts too much I pay attention to the children and the flowers

I put my bare feet on the ground, let my head float up to the clouds 


Where the pain and the joy both make sense


Light and dark, fear and freedom, heartbreak and healing together exist 


I go there in my mind to the field of time 


Running with the moondance kids 


Here I am new each morning 


I wade through the ache 


I find my place 


Again and again 


At home with myself


My debut EP ‘Running with the Moondance Kids,’ is a transcendental exploration of duality detailing heartbreak, acceptance, exploration, fear, freedom and self discovery. It's the journey home to self.


A special thanks to everyone who helped me tell this part of my story.  

Written and performed by Wallace Morgan. Produced by Aly Lakhani, Noah Luna, Ben Pleasant, Charlie Hackemer, and Adam Lochemes. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. Visuals by Megan Chumbley, Daniel Chaney, Mamie Heldman, Mekea Larson. Styling by Claire Brandon. Creative direction by Wallace Morgan. 



© 2021 by Wallace Morgan

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